THREEBIES! Lot #905 - Hedione Enhanced Scents! ~ Rain Flower w/ Hedione, Spring Blossom w/ Hedione, Pippin Potion


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Threebies are THREE bottles for the Price of ONE.

Why? Age.

Some of these bottles were pulled from the catalog due to age. Some were put aside, lost or forgotten, and age crept up on them.

All of them have been treated well - kept sealed, temp controlled, and in the dark - however, you should plan to use and enjoy these promptly because all are several years old.

This lot contains:

Spring Blossom w/ Hedione ~
With their buttercup-yellow blossoms, delightfully fragrant and symbolic of love and friendship, it just wouldn’t be Spring without jonquils! We’ve bottled the essence of the season in bloom featuring these lovely flowers entwined with green garden-fresh accents of heather, hyacinth, baby rose, sea grass and tomato leaf, touches of ripe black currant and tropical sandalwood and also the airy sparkle of Hedione, a jasmine derivative purported to produce an attractant pheromone-like response in others when added to scent.


Rainflower w/ Hedione ~
Fall takes dominion slowly across the landscape and we desired to capture the aura of the last of the Summer flowers releasing their scents into the damp air of Autumn, as the inevitable decay transforms the garden they inhabit...the ghosts of rose, honeysuckle and clover whisper their farewells amongst rainy accords and woody notes of cedar, cypress, teak and pine with hints of oak leaf and walnut. We’ve also included the attractive charm of Hedione - a Jasmine isolate which has been discovered to evoke a pheromone-like response.


Pippen Potion ~
All the cutest monsters, ghosts and goblins will clamor for this apple, aye! It’s our tangy-sweet apple soda scent which will bestow upon any Halloween reveler a dose of fizzy frivolity! Two kinds of crisp ginger ale accords blended with our homemade famously scrumptious Butterbeer fragrance base (butterscotch and real baker’s butter extract) and a frightfully fun Shriek! of tart green apple.

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