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Would you like to add pheromones to your fragrance purchase?

This is an ADD-ON offering. You must purchase one of our fragrances separately, and then purchase the Phero-Add of your choice here.

If you are ordering a number of items, please MAKE SURE TO SEND US A NOTE to let us know which pheromone blend goes with which fragrance.

Our Pheromones are $45 per bottle, but if you'd like us to add a bottle's worth of pheros to your perfume of choice, we'll give you a $10 discount for combining both products into one bottle, thus a Phero-Add is $35 here.

Your bottle will have the regular perfume label on it and the cap will be stickered with your phero blend of choice, as pictured.

One dose of Unscented Pheromones is 1,000 mcg.
Our phero enhanced scents are 333 mcgs per bottle by comparison, so when you opt for a Phero Add, you are getting three times that strength.

Please choose a perfume blend that does not have pheros in it already.
We cannot add pheromones to trial sizes.

A complete list of our offerings and their ingredients is located here:

LPMP is known world wide as innovators in the field of pheromones. Our selection of unique blends cannot be matched!


Truth About Pheromones

Pheromones are sterile lab recreations of human bodily secretions. They are used as perfume additives, and like scent notes, can help create an aura or evoke an emotion.

They are not hormones or steroids, and do not cause physiological change such as a drug might. They do not require the presence of a human VNO organ. They are essentially scent notes, chemical messages that are interpreted through the brain when inhaled.

They do not override a person's free will, and cannot make anyone do something they do not want to do. They are not just for sexual conquest, though that is one of their purposes.

Please see this excellent article on the subject of smell and emotion, thank you.

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