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Overt Cops for Your Covert Cops! Think of OCCOs as "flavored" EoW Copulins. Several rich, dense scents to choose from that all make excellent copulin covers, (as concentrated copulins are rather stinky on their own!) These are strongly perfumed blends, but simple constructions, so they are easy to layer with another complimentary fragrance if you wish, or are fabulous on their own!

Featuring ESSENCE OF WOMAN™ 100% PURE COPULINS by Stone Labs - For strong and immediate sexual attraction. Cops are the chemical signal that a woman is ready to have sex.

Scent Choices:
* OCCO: White is a yummy blend of thick vanillas.
* OCCO: Gold is a thick and rich sexxxxxayyy honey & honeycomb combination, softened with a trio of sugars.
* OCCO: Pink is a flirty, girly blend of pinky cotton candy sugars with a drop of lemon and a tinge of amber for depth.
* OCCO: Red is a yummy sexy spicy blend of vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon, amber and a drop of apricot for brightness.
* OCCO: Black is an exotic blend of Indian black amber and black musks, combined with Tunisian amber and Indian patchouli, and softened with white and brown sugars.

Roll from belly button to cleavage and smoosh it around with your wrists. Allow to dry before putting on clothes. For best results - do NOT apply above the neckline - keep application points from cleavage on down. Crooks of elbows, back of knees and thighs are also good application points. Please only wear when appropriate to the situation...meaning, may not be appropriate for a work environment. We recommend this blend in oil.

We offer these in two sizes:
Full Sized Bottle - 10 ml - aka 1/3 fl.oz. - glass roll on bottle.
Trial Vial - 1.75 ml - tall glass sample vial with dipper stick.

If you're looking for layering partners within our catalog:
Pair OCCO: White with Love Potion: Original
Pair OCCO: Pink with Love Potion: Pink
Pair OCOO: Red with Love Potion: Red
Pair OCCO: Black with Love Potion: Black
Pair OCCO: Gold with Honeyed Love Potion or Sugared Honeycomb

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