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GARLAND + LACE ~ Our super-popular, super-delicious combo of Eggnog, Gingerbread and Pumpkin. A year round favorite! Enhanced with a happy, girly pheromone blend!

Ultra saturated, beautiful original fragrances for scenting your home, with the addition of social atmosphere enhancing pheromones! We never use pre-mixed commercial fragrances, all of our scents are crafted in our studio. You'll LOVE the gorgeous aromas and the lavish quality of our Wax Melts!

Wax melts are like candles without the wick, and because they do not need to support a wick, we can make them super-saturated with perfume oil, (2 to 3 times the norm!). This makes them quick to melt and diffuse the scent throughout the room.

Another added benefit to using wax melts, is that UNLIKE candles, we CAN add pheromones to them. I recently found out that a lot of people are unaware of the fact that pheromones will produce a toxic gas upon touching flame, which makes pheromone candles unsafe. However, there is no such risk with wax melts, as they never touch flame, the wax is simply warmed and melted, and thus diffused, and that is completely safe.

Pop out of the container, and place ONE CUBE in your electric or candle powered oil/wax/potpourri warmer. When the scent is gone, (approx 4 hours), wait for the wax to harden again, and it will easily pop out of your warmer when cool. These are crafted with a hard "sparkle" paraffin wax which is known for the best throw. Fills a whole room with amazing scent! You might want to burn them for half an hour to an hour, and save for re-melting later if the scent is too strong to burn continuously for your taste. The fragrances in these are VERY concentrated! The scent will remain in the air for hours after your tea light goes out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Truth About Pheromones

Pheromones are sterile lab recreations of human bodily secretions. They are used as perfume additives, and like scent notes, can help create an aura or evoke an emotion.

They are not hormones or steroids, and do not cause physiological change such as a drug might. They do not require the presence of a human VNO organ. They are essentially scent notes, chemical messages that are interpreted through the brain when inhaled.

They do not override a person's free will, and cannot make anyone do something they do not want to do. They are not just for sexual conquest, though that is one of their purposes.

Please see this excellent article on the subject of smell and emotion, thank you.

Magickal Meanings of Ingredients

We craft perfumes with intent as our starting point, & while we call this "magic" to be cute & fun, what we do is really a mixture of art & science. It's a fact that scents effect people's feelings & opinions; you can subtly influence people using aromas. This is our expertise.

When we craft a potion for love, what we are doing is helping to make the wearer appear approachable, cuddly, or seductive based upon known responses to the ingredients...vanilla & honey being among the most reliable attractants of this kind.

For a money potion, we choose ingredients that give off a clean and professional aura, which in turn can help give the impression that the wearer is reliable, dependable & worthy of investment.

Understand? :)

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