THREEBIES! Lot #518 - Totems: Dolphin, Bear, Horse - Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie


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Threebies are THREE bottles for the Price of ONE.

Why? Age.

Some of these bottles were pulled from the catalog due to age. Some were put aside, lost or forgotten, and age crept up on them.

All of them have been treated well - kept sealed, temp controlled, and in the dark - however, you should plan to use and enjoy these promptly because all are several years old.

This lot contains:

Totem: Dolphin: The brilliant and playful dolphin is one of the most beloved and admired in the animal kingdom. Dolphin's inherent qualities of balance – seeming to belong to two worlds – and harmony remind us all to be more engaged with others, to seek the goodness in the world and be mindful of our surroundings. If the sovereign of the undersea resonates with your spirit, give yourself a splash of this aquatically-uplifting tribute to all which Dolphin represents. Cool wet notes of water lily, deliphinium and bladderwrack mingle with fresh notes of storax and basil upon a base of delicate musk.

Totem: Bear: As one of the most powerful figures of Native American symbolism, the bear stands strong and fierce within its domain. If this animal's centering aspect calls to you, with messages of balance and renewal, you can take into yourself the potency and protection of Bear's habitat as well as one of the favorite delicacies which defines Bear's irrepressible sweet tooth! Four types of golden sweet honey dripping from the comb and a foraged bounty of nuts, blended with woodland accents – mahogany, cedar, balsam and muhuhu – and layered with a wilderness aura of musk and earth.

Totem: Horse: Throughout human history, the horse has served as a valuable companion and strong ally. The grace and stamina of Horse serves as example and reminder for our own efforts to emerge victorious in strife and honorable in conflict. Grant yourself the protective and powerful abilities of Horse with our totem tribute. The scented focus of coffee accords blended with friendly notes of hay, vetiver, rhubarb, and strawberries with a swirl of sweetened cream and walnut.


Ingredients: Fragrance, DPG oil.
Perfume Oil packaged in a glass roll-on bottle, with attractive label as pictured. 1/3rd fl oz bottle.

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