THREEBIES! Lot #712 - PEs: Lisa's Outback, Melissa's Second SparkCoco Chrissy's (High Floral)


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Threebies are THREE bottles for the Price of ONE.

Why? Age.

Some of these bottles were pulled from the catalog due to age. Some were put aside, lost or forgotten, and age crept up on them.

All of them have been treated well - kept sealed, temp controlled, and in the dark - however, you should plan to use and enjoy these promptly because all are several years old.

This lot contains:

Lisa's Outback
A gift for Lisa, who has happy memories of her time in the Australian Outback and wished to have an olfactory reminder of an aroma she loved: that of burning dried shrubs and grasses. This is a dry, smokey nature scent comprised of sandalwood, indian paintbrush, dried eucalyptus, dry sage, smoke, and lemongrass. A beautiful unisex scent.

Melissa's Second Spark
Melissa was missing her old favorite, Spark in the Dark. Spark was released 6 years ago, so no chance of any of the same ingredients, but I crafted something reminiscent using a paring of sweet ambers and fruity musks, with smidgens of cedar and patchouli, and a sprinkling of white sugar on top. It's a sultry musky scent that's perfect for warmer months.

Coco Chrissy's (High Floral)
Sexy coconut musk - not too sweet, grownup and sleek and perfect for Summer retreats! Crafted of warm musks, tropical vanilla, milky coconut, and a big splash of frangipani.


These are Private Editions. PEs, as we call them, are envisioned by our talented customers and hand crafted by us. If, in the crafting of your blend, there are extra available, we will share them with the public. These are made in extremely limited quantity, just a few bottles of each.

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