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Let’s face it: we are living in a completely different world these days, and we could all use some help in dealing with The New Normal. LPMP is here to do our part, with aromatherapy and metaphysical assistance for when you need it most! We present our debut collection for the (hopefully happier) New Year... QUINTESSENCE.

This unisex collection takes the form of a multi-purpose *smudge spray - face mask refresher - hair & body mist* created to give you succor in a variety of ways with a variety of fragrances. Whether you desire sweet, fresh, or earthy we’ve got you covered, providing the quintessence of scent and intent to enhance your mood and of those around you (whether nearby or practicing social distancing) as well as an assortment of auras for your scented wardrobe. Each 2 oz spray bottle is adorned with a gemstone pendant to charge the fragrance with its mineral intent which can also be worn as jewelry for additional congruence.

We’re all wishing for brighter days and fortunate futures in 2021 and a more positive outlook to make it manifest is just a spray away...so add a little MAGIC to your life, this year and always.

* Quintessence contains distilled water, witch hazel, fragrance, vegetable glycerin, and alcohol - while it can be used as a face mask refresher it does not contain enough alcohol to qualify as a sanitizer.
* If you would like to dilute our somewhat concentrated blends, all you need to do is add distilled water.
* Please remember to SHAKE WELL before each use.


Quintessence is available in the following 6 formulas:

Crystal Sage:

Our most frequent request during quarantine has been for sage smudge and sprays for energetically and spiritually cleansing homes. Even in the midst of quarantine, life remains as hectic as ever, and it can be difficult to achieve peace, calm and clarity, to center yourself in the here and now...but we’re here to assist with the positively grounding and cleansing aura of cedar EO and numerous varieties of sage to help you feel tranquil when applied where needed: your room, your face mask, your hair and body - go ahead and spritz away! It comes in a brown bottle adorned with a beautiful crystal quartz gemstone charm.

Cotton Candy Quartz:

When you need a little fun, a little indulgence, to nourish your spirit...well there’s only one thing to do: TAKE THE CAKE! This delicious pink delight is vanilla birthday cake with cotton candy frosting and will help you feel scrumptiously happy when applied where needed. All of our most buttery cake-y vanillas blended with bourbon vanilla and buttercream, and sprinkled with lots of fairy floss-style strawberry sugar. It comes in a pink bottle adorned with a beautiful rose quartz gemstone charm to attract all manner of love and harmony.

Lavender Amethyst

We all need to relax more, it’s important for both mind and body, and this particular combination is a can’t-miss recipe for restorative repose and will help you feel blissful when applied where needed. A variety of soothing lavender EOs and fluffy-soft marshmallow oil plus a drop of amber. It comes in a purple bottle adorned with a beautiful amethyst gemstone charm to encourage serene thoughts and dreams, and stimulate your subconscious spiritual and creative mind.

Rosewater Garnet

It can take a lot of energy these days to be upbeat but embodying a positive attitude is one of the keys to personal growth and fulfillment. We are here with scented assistance: a beautifully refreshing fragrance which will help you feel elated when applied where needed. Love yourself with a bouquet of rosewater and lotus, energize yourself with invigorating white tea and peppermint EO. It comes in a red bottle adorned with a beautiful garnet gemstone charm to provide energizing strength and encourage passionate pursuits.

Tangerine Aventurine

When so many days seem exactly the same, we could all use a great way to start every day, so look no further than this energizing, opportunity-minded blend, perfect for the workplace (wherever it may be) and will help you feel focused and upbeat when applied where needed. The sunny side of life is epitomized by a blend of tangerine, mandarin and clementine EOs, with lovely hibiscus, stimulating rosemary, and watery bamboo and teak. It comes in a blue bottle adorned with a beautiful aventurine gemstone charm to attract all manner of fortune while stimulating creativity and offering emotional healing.

White Light Hematite

In the tradition of our much-beloved Ashes to Dust fragrance, here is your yearly opportunity to begin anew, shed the burdens of the past, to cleanse and renew your spirit and your resolve to live mindfully and with purpose. A gorgeously earthy and resinous fragrance to help you feel purified and protected when applied where needed. Spiritual sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh blended with protective rose geranium and oakmoss, loving rose otto, empowering benzoin and purifying copal with a drop of sensual patchouli. It comes in a black bottle adorned with a beautiful hematite gemstone charm to provide much-needed healing, strength, and protection.



* Single Bottles - $12.95 each - 2 fl.oz. each + Shipping

* 6 Bottle Set of 2 fl.oz. Spray Bottles - $77.70 value for $59.95 ($15.54 discount) + Free Shipping. ~ We're encouraging the sets with a discount of over 20%, free shipping, and with a free vegan leather cord included so that you can wear your one-of-a-kind natural crystal pendants, singly or in a bunch! This offer brings the bottles down to less than $10 each and the pendants alone have an average value of $8 each, so this is a fab deal!

* 6 Scent Sampler of 1ml Trial Vials with plain paper labels - $6.00 + Shipping


Micro-brewed in small batches with only the world's finest ingredients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Truth About Pheromones

Pheromones are sterile lab recreations of human bodily secretions. They are used as perfume additives, and like scent notes, can help create an aura or evoke an emotion.

They are not hormones or steroids, and do not cause physiological change such as a drug might. They do not require the presence of a human VNO organ. They are essentially scent notes, chemical messages that are interpreted through the brain when inhaled.

They do not override a person's free will, and cannot make anyone do something they do not want to do. They are not just for sexual conquest, though that is one of their purposes.

Please see this excellent article on the subject of smell and emotion, thank you.

Magickal Meanings of Ingredients

We craft perfumes with intent as our starting point, & while we call this "magic" to be cute & fun, what we do is really a mixture of art & science. It's a fact that scents effect people's feelings & opinions; you can subtly influence people using aromas. This is our expertise.

When we craft a potion for love, what we are doing is helping to make the wearer appear approachable, cuddly, or seductive based upon known responses to the ingredients...vanilla & honey being among the most reliable attractants of this kind.

For a money potion, we choose ingredients that give off a clean and professional aura, which in turn can help give the impression that the wearer is reliable, dependable & worthy of investment.

Understand? :)

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